Coin master cheats and guide

Coin master cheats and guide

Coin Master, one of the most famous mobile games of all time, have now sold around $ 280 million.

Today famous stars are in front of the camera and promote the strategy game.Which critics say should rather be considered as a game of chance. The Coin Master App such is free. So where does this gigantic revenue come from and what’s behind the hype the game has been triggering worldwide for some time now?

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Coin Master app review

The game has been around for several years, but only in recent weeks has the game made a splash. Especially in the social media is advertised for the app – and not by anyone. The app was downloaded millions of times from Google Play and the iOS App Store. The inventors are more than likely to like that because they have to worry about their financial future certainly no longer worry.

Pure gambling or strategy?

Moon Active has obviously set itself the goal of generating the highest possible revenue with the Coin Master App. However, the opinions here are very divergent. Because while some speak of a strategy game, other voices say that it has to do with a gamble.

First of all, Coin Master really only differs from games in online casinos. Because the whole thing is free and you can not win real money. However, purchases are required for various packages of features and coins. Who with Trustfully experiences who knows that the transactions are at least hedged. However, some said packages sometimes hit up to 350 euros to book.

This can become apparent at the latest when children deal with the game and buy at the expense of parents’ mobile bill free muzzle packages. So probably many families have been guilty, without it being bad intention. For Moon Active, of course, good, because a large part of the million sales comes in the first place from these sales. In addition, the group benefits from advertising, which also generate new revenue every month.

Stars promote the Influencer App

The effort to run Influencer Marketing with familiar faces has already been more than worthwhile. The sponsorship alone will cost the company an estimated 200,000 euros.Some are probably a little cheaper, but ultimately have a similarly strong appeal to users who have followed the commercials for weeks now banished and almost automatically download the app.

The commercials themselves are almost a bit trashy, but that’s what the users seem to like. If you keep in mind that more than 5.6 million people follow the Youtube channel, you can imagine where the money comes from, that the Coin Master inventors now call their own. The spots can not be taken too seriously, and yet they seem to serve their purpose. The clear numbers speak for this.

High revenue through app purchases

Players alone are said to have spent more than $ 6 million on Coin Master in June 2019. The prognosis does not look much different, because apparently the game has almost a higher addictive potential than classic slot machines in online casinos. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, download numbers have increased by around 700 percent for iOS and 350 percent for Android.

Gambling experts are starting to get worried. Most of the advertising campaigns come from us and were filmed with celebrities. You know that long since beyond the borders. That too is one reason why Coin Master is downloaded by gigantic crowds. The ratings for the game are not as high as you would expect.

Coin Master app review

Coin Master app review

The world of the Vikings combined with imaginative, cute characters – this is the recipe for success of the Coin Master app. Millions of times the game app is downloaded to smartphone. And turns out there as a dangerous and expensive pastime. We will discuss further more about the coin master app review.

What is Coin Master?

Did the pig from the Coin Master App come across you? With mask, loot and shiny gold coin in hand, it is clearly recognizable as a robber. And somehow this picture seems to fit very well as a symbol for the games app.

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But first of all, to the question: What is Coin Master anyway? It is a game app that is suitable for both Android and Apple systems. And quite obviously, the app, which is a combination of strategy and gambling, is very popular.In the Google Play Store, Coin Master is currently ranked # 2 in popular gaming apps.

The free app can be downloaded from the age of twelve. And exactly in this young target group, it is also very popular. By some media Coin Master is already celebrated as the “most famous mobile game of all time”. So much for the basics.

How does Coin Master work?

As the name suggests, the game is all about the love of money – the coins. You download the game, decide whether you want to play as a guest or with your Facebook account, create your avatar and receive in the virtual Viking world directly a first village and 75,000 coins.

The idea is to build houses in your village, collect stars and reach the next level with enough stars to build the next village – there are more than 200 such levels in total. However, you need coins for the development of the villages. And of the first 75,000 coins are already gone with the first house construction 60,000 coins.

You can get new coins in different ways: by attacking other villages, participating in events with different tasks or trying your luck at the slot machine. You can not just use the coin machine.

Trade real money for fictitious coins

You only get five free spins on the machine per hour. Coins are only available if all three wheels of the wheel of fortune indicate the golden coins. But sometimes you also get three pigs that will allow you to attack another village or three shields to protect you from the attacks of other players. Or there are different symbols and you are empty.

Patience is needed until the next attempt. If you do not have one, you can alternatively look at commercials and earn more spins or buy more with your existing coins. Or you buy fictitious coins directly with real money. There are various packages available. They start at 1.09 euros, but can also be up to 350 euros to book.

You want to spend more money? No problem. In higher levels, you can buy cute companions – and they are hungry. The food can only be bought with real money.

Coin Master App – a real money machine

The app has been around since 2015. It is said that the Coin Master App has been downloaded almost four million times from us, of which 1.9 million times in June 2019. According to an estimate of the Data analysis tool , the games app is said to have more than 280 million Dollars have made sales.

User reports reflect the following observation: the higher the level, the harder it will be to move on to the next. Some criticize, without the use of real money that is not possible. A real Coin Master is thus apparently only the developer.

Conditionally Coin Master App Gambling addiction?

The Coin Master app is suspected of being a starter drug into gambling because of all this. After all, the coin machine – as long as the player uses real money – works just like any other one-armed bandit in age-constrained (online) casinos. However, gambling is well hidden behind the colorful, childlike graphics and the combination with a strategy game.

Players report all sorts of mechanisms that make the top games app addictive. The incentive to move up to the next level, rivalry with other players, networking with your own friends via Facebook – all this helps many users open the Coin Master app first thing in the morning and close the last night before going to sleep.

The suspicion is reinforced with regard to the commercials that you can watch to earn coins: many of them are advertisements for real online casinos. The robber piggy is somehow not only used in the fictional Coin Master world, but also in the real world.

coin master free spins and coins

coin master free spins and coins

You also do not feel like spending your real money on coins or other items at Coin Master? Then you are exactly right here on We’ll show you how to get free coins and spins! Thus, you will have it much easier in the game and it is also much more fun directly!

For which unlimited spins and coins?

Coin Master is great fun, but at a certain level or time, you will need a lot of coins. With our help, you will not only receive these coins, but also many other important items such as food or Golden Cards. The biggest advantage, however, is that you can get free spins quickly and easily with our Coin Master Free Spins. As many as you want and without any restrictions. We gives you the chance to play Coin Master without spending a penny on the game. Boundless fun!

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coin master tips and tricks

What about other tips and tricks?

In our blog, of course, all sorts of tips, tricks and guides to the game. Nevertheless, we would advise you to use the Coin Master cheats first, as they are much more effective than any of the guides or tutorials. Most of the “cheats” on other sites are usually basic beginner tips, but we offer the Coin Master Free Coins, which works for Android and iOS.

Description of the game:

Join your Facebook friends and millions of other players from around the world. Spin the wheel of fortune, attack other players, and fight your way to the top with your Viking village!

Do you have what it takes to become the next Coin Master? Travel through time, discover magical lands and become the biggest pirate, hippie, king, warrior or WIKINGER of all!

Raid other Vikings!

The Wheel of Fortune is not the only way to get coins. You can just steal them! Raid other players and grab enough loot to build your village. No need to butcher your piggy bank! Defend yourself against your enemies and show them where to go! Avenge yourself on everyone who attacks your village and take what you deserve! Unpack your Coin Dozer and become infinitely rich! Who knows what treasures await you in foreign villages!

Collect all cards!

It’s not always about prey, it’s also about treasures! Collect cards to complete your sets and move on to the next village. With every village you conquer, more and more treasures await you.

Play with friends!

Swap cards with your friends and grab them all! Join our rapidly growing, interactive Facebook community to meet new Viking friends, get great rewards, and exchange treasures!

  • Battle side by side with your friends and become the next Coin Master.
  • Join millions of players from all over the world!
  • Coin Master is playable on all devices for free and offers optional in-app purchases .

What about a coin master mod apk?

Of course, there are also many modified versions of the game, but these are not really worth it. Often you need a root or jailbreak for it. Not only can this be difficult, it can also do some harm to your smartphone or tablet. The Coin Master Hack Apk works a lot easier because you do not need to download or install it. In addition, you will continue to play normally on the public server. So think twice about using a Coin Master mod apk or not. We just recommend our cheats and hacks.! But now we wish you a lot of fun with free spins and coins at Coin Master!

coin master links and free spins

coin master links and free spins

Coin Master Links are an important element for advanced players. Once you have internalized the basic mechanics of and find that your Coin Master friends are not enough to bring you the desired progress in the game, then Coin Master links from the Net will do the trick. Here’s what Coin Master Links are about, how Coin Master links work, and where your get Coin Master links.

What are Coin Master Links?

Coin master links are two fundamentally different things. If you have heard of other Coin Master Free Spins and free coins via daily new Coin Master Links from other players – yes, they actually exist. But not without possible dangers. If you are looking for this kind of Coin Master Links, you will learn more in our article about Coin Master Free Spins .

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The other type of Coin Master Links is a way to interact with other Coin Master players who are not (yet) in your list of Coin Master friends. As a reminder: You can find this list in Coin Master by selecting “Gifts” from the menu.

This already explains what these Coin Master Links bring you: Coin Master Spins, Coin Master Cards and Coin Master Coins, which you will receive from your Coin Master friends, and Coin Master Free Spins for new registrations through your own Coin Master Links.

Most of the time, you will receive the gifts either in return for corresponding gifts from you to your Coin Master friends or simply by talking to one another and in this way regularly giving each other a present in Coin Master.

Best of all, you do not lose your own Coin Master Spins or Coin Master coins! And you can only give Coin Master cards if you already have them twice.

This is how you use links

If you have Facebook contacts who would like to add friends as a Coin Master, this is done quickly and easily via the menu item “Invite friends”. But if you want to get more out of Coin Master, you need to search for Coin Master Links, meaning: Coin Master players who are not (yet) in your Facebook friends list.

To really understand how to use Coin Master Links, you first need to see how to create your own Coin Master Link (your Coin Master must already be linked to Facebook): Go back to Invite Friends in the menu and choose the point that does NOT lead you to Facebook. In the current version of Coin Master this is the green button.

Your cell phone then asks you which of your installed apps you want to use the Coin Master Link with. For example, choose an e-mail or a notes app. Now you should already see a typed text that also contains a link that looks something like this: (instead of “xxxxx” you will see a personalized code).

This is a Coin Master Link and you can share it with anyone you would like to add as a Coin Master friend to the game (see the warning above), for example, to swap Coin Master cards to get rare Coin Master cards, etc ,

Here you get Coin Master free spins

Probably the best place for Links is the official Coin Master Trading Group on Facebook . There you will find mainly concrete exchange offers for Coin Master Cards, but also occasionally direct Coin Master Links.

The reverse is true for r / CoinMasterGame on Reddit . Ignore the above pinned link to r / CoinMaster, as it leads you to the same discord clicker game that the coin master we’re talking about has nothing to do with it. As already mentioned, the Reddit users use the r / CoinMasterGame actually marked as “unused” (which – to make the confusion perfect – was used earlier for the clicker game and therefore still bears its description).

With Reddit, there are more frequent links to Coin Master pages between the Coin Master Links you are looking for, which you should not click on. What a real Coin Master Link looks like, you know by now. So always look closely before you click on something – this is generally true, so also for the official Coin Master Trading Group on Facebook.

Coin Master Links: These restrictions exist

If you invite one of your friends to Coin Master with your own Coin Master Link because you want to get the Coin Master Free Spins reward for it, you will only get it if that friend has never installed the game on their current device before. In addition, if the same friend is invited by multiple Coin Master players, only the person whose Coin Master Link he has used gets the reward.

If strangers use your Coin Master links, which are published on Reddit, for example, you will receive a message in Coin Master and the Coin Master Free Spins (if they successfully sign up, etc.). In your Coin Master friend list, however, they only appear in the current Coin Master version if you link up with those in Facebook (see warning above). Card exchange and gifts are only then possible.

There’s also an upper limit on Coin Master Spins, which you can get as rewards for invitations: 250 Coin Master Spins is over. If you bring someone to Coin Master after that, you will not get Coin Master Free Spins anymore. There is also an upper limit for the maximum number of friends in Coin Master: 151 (as of October 2019).

If you want to remove someone from your Coin Master friend list, you can only do so by deleting it as a Facebook contact. You have to do this directly on Facebook – in the game itself is currently not possible. Did you remove the corresponding Facebook contact, he should also disappear in Coin Master.

coin master tips and tricks

coin master tips and tricks

Coin master tips and tricks are not easy to find out. Coin Master does not like to be outsmarted. But we know how – and show it to you!

The further you get in Coin Master, the harder it will be to build your current Coin Master village without it being destroyed by others again. And while you laboriously save to pay for the repairs, you’re robbed too. It’s high time for some Coin Master tricks to make your life in the village a lot easier.

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But first, as always, when it comes to Coin Master, a warning: Coin Master is based at least partially on gambling and therefore we do not believe in children’s hands. Also, you should stay away from Coin Master, if you are generally prone to gambling mechanics (for example, if you spend more money than you actually wanted, etc.). The best “Coin Master Trick” for you is then rather: Stay away from Coin Master! All others can read on below.

Coin Master Tips for Coin Master Raids

Let’s get started with the most tricky of all Coin Master tricks: If you make a raid in Coin Master and have already found two holes with coins, there’s (of course) a fifty percent chance of finding the right one for the remaining two holes. Unless you use the two-finger trick.

You have to tap on both holes with two fingers at the same time and stay on it for about a second. Then you raise both fingers (again at the same time!) Away from the phone screen. If you succeed precisely, the game will automatically select the hole under which the coins are hidden. As I said, this is one of the trickiest coin master tricks – but it’s worth practicing!

Coin Master Tricks for Coin Master Cards

One of the simpler Coin Master tricks needs only good friends: Usually you can give away a maximum of five Coin Master cards per day. If you want to send more on the same day, all you have to do is set your phone’s date settings to 24 hours. If you have good friends, they will do the same and will give you plenty of Coin Master cards in no time thanks to this Coin Master Trick.

By the way: You can not accept some Coin Master cards until you have reached a certain “level” (ie a certain village), such as: Village 50, village 100, etc. You can see how far you are right now by selecting “Card” in the Coin Master menu. If you are presented with a Coin Master card that you can not yet accept, it is (temporarily) locked in the menu item “Gifts” – “Cards” until you have reached the required village level.

A good Coin Master trick for very rare Coin Master cards is also to go to the official Coin Master Facebook group. Players often give away rare coin master cards there. The real trick for you is that this rare card will now automatically appear more often in your game in chests as the game registers its existence in your deck. Ie. you can use it as a valuable exchange object for more rare Coin Master cards!

Coin Master Pets

Especially “easy” is this coin master trick to the end, because you have to do this very little. Surely you know the situation: You have fed one of your Coin Master Pets (the Coin Master animals or pets) and now it is active. But after a while you’re done playing Coin Master. What are you doing now with the Coin Master Pet?

If this is not exactly Rhino, which is useful even in your absence, you are wasting valuable time. The timer of your Coin Master Pets continues to run mercilessly – whether you’re playing or not. Thanks to this coin master trick you can stop the timer.

Just choose another, just inactive Coin Master Pet. At that moment, the pet timer is stopped, but the associated Coin Master Pet remains active. Attention: We assume that this Coin Master Tips is a temporary bug that will probably be fixed soon. If the trick with you should not work anymore, the Coin Master developers were unfortunately faster. But do not worry, the next Coin Master Tips and Tricks will be found soon!