Coin Master app review

Coin Master app review

The world of the Vikings combined with imaginative, cute characters – this is the recipe for success of the Coin Master app. Millions of times the game app is downloaded to smartphone. And turns out there as a dangerous and expensive pastime. We will discuss further more about the coin master app review.

What is Coin Master?

Did the pig from the Coin Master App come across you? With mask, loot and shiny gold coin in hand, it is clearly recognizable as a robber. And somehow this picture seems to fit very well as a symbol for the games app.

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But first of all, to the question: What is Coin Master anyway? It is a game app that is suitable for both Android and Apple systems. And quite obviously, the app, which is a combination of strategy and gambling, is very popular.In the Google Play Store, Coin Master is currently ranked # 2 in popular gaming apps.

The free app can be downloaded from the age of twelve. And exactly in this young target group, it is also very popular. By some media Coin Master is already celebrated as the “most famous mobile game of all time”. So much for the basics.

How does Coin Master work?

As the name suggests, the game is all about the love of money – the coins. You download the game, decide whether you want to play as a guest or with your Facebook account, create your avatar and receive in the virtual Viking world directly a first village and 75,000 coins.

The idea is to build houses in your village, collect stars and reach the next level with enough stars to build the next village – there are more than 200 such levels in total. However, you need coins for the development of the villages. And of the first 75,000 coins are already gone with the first house construction 60,000 coins.

You can get new coins in different ways: by attacking other villages, participating in events with different tasks or trying your luck at the slot machine. You can not just use the coin machine.

Trade real money for fictitious coins

You only get five free spins on the machine per hour. Coins are only available if all three wheels of the wheel of fortune indicate the golden coins. But sometimes you also get three pigs that will allow you to attack another village or three shields to protect you from the attacks of other players. Or there are different symbols and you are empty.

Patience is needed until the next attempt. If you do not have one, you can alternatively look at commercials and earn more spins or buy more with your existing coins. Or you buy fictitious coins directly with real money. There are various packages available. They start at 1.09 euros, but can also be up to 350 euros to book.

You want to spend more money? No problem. In higher levels, you can buy cute companions – and they are hungry. The food can only be bought with real money.

Coin Master App – a real money machine

The app has been around since 2015. It is said that the Coin Master App has been downloaded almost four million times from us, of which 1.9 million times in June 2019. According to an estimate of the Data analysis tool , the games app is said to have more than 280 million Dollars have made sales.

User reports reflect the following observation: the higher the level, the harder it will be to move on to the next. Some criticize, without the use of real money that is not possible. A real Coin Master is thus apparently only the developer.

Conditionally Coin Master App Gambling addiction?

The Coin Master app is suspected of being a starter drug into gambling because of all this. After all, the coin machine – as long as the player uses real money – works just like any other one-armed bandit in age-constrained (online) casinos. However, gambling is well hidden behind the colorful, childlike graphics and the combination with a strategy game.

Players report all sorts of mechanisms that make the top games app addictive. The incentive to move up to the next level, rivalry with other players, networking with your own friends via Facebook – all this helps many users open the Coin Master app first thing in the morning and close the last night before going to sleep.

The suspicion is reinforced with regard to the commercials that you can watch to earn coins: many of them are advertisements for real online casinos. The robber piggy is somehow not only used in the fictional Coin Master world, but also in the real world.

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