Coin master cheats and guide

Coin master cheats and guide

Coin Master, one of the most famous mobile games of all time, have now sold around $ 280 million.

Today famous stars are in front of the camera and promote the strategy game.Which critics say should rather be considered as a game of chance. The Coin Master App such is free. So where does this gigantic revenue come from and what’s behind the hype the game has been triggering worldwide for some time now?

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The game has been around for several years, but only in recent weeks has the game made a splash. Especially in the social media is advertised for the app – and not by anyone. The app was downloaded millions of times from Google Play and the iOS App Store. The inventors are more than likely to like that because they have to worry about their financial future certainly no longer worry.

Pure gambling or strategy?

Moon Active has obviously set itself the goal of generating the highest possible revenue with the Coin Master App. However, the opinions here are very divergent. Because while some speak of a strategy game, other voices say that it has to do with a gamble.

First of all, Coin Master really only differs from games in online casinos. Because the whole thing is free and you can not win real money. However, purchases are required for various packages of features and coins. Who with Trustfully experiences who knows that the transactions are at least hedged. However, some said packages sometimes hit up to 350 euros to book.

This can become apparent at the latest when children deal with the game and buy at the expense of parents’ mobile bill free muzzle packages. So probably many families have been guilty, without it being bad intention. For Moon Active, of course, good, because a large part of the million sales comes in the first place from these sales. In addition, the group benefits from advertising, which also generate new revenue every month.

Stars promote the Influencer App

The effort to run Influencer Marketing with familiar faces has already been more than worthwhile. The sponsorship alone will cost the company an estimated 200,000 euros.Some are probably a little cheaper, but ultimately have a similarly strong appeal to users who have followed the commercials for weeks now banished and almost automatically download the app.

The commercials themselves are almost a bit trashy, but that’s what the users seem to like. If you keep in mind that more than 5.6 million people follow the Youtube channel, you can imagine where the money comes from, that the Coin Master inventors now call their own. The spots can not be taken too seriously, and yet they seem to serve their purpose. The clear numbers speak for this.

High revenue through app purchases

Players alone are said to have spent more than $ 6 million on Coin Master in June 2019. The prognosis does not look much different, because apparently the game has almost a higher addictive potential than classic slot machines in online casinos. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, download numbers have increased by around 700 percent for iOS and 350 percent for Android.

Gambling experts are starting to get worried. Most of the advertising campaigns come from us and were filmed with celebrities. You know that long since beyond the borders. That too is one reason why Coin Master is downloaded by gigantic crowds. The ratings for the game are not as high as you would expect.

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