coin master links and free spins

coin master links and free spins

Coin Master Links are an important element for advanced players. Once you have internalized the basic mechanics of and find that your Coin Master friends are not enough to bring you the desired progress in the game, then Coin Master links from the Net will do the trick. Here’s what Coin Master Links are about, how Coin Master links work, and where your get Coin Master links.

What are Coin Master Links?

Coin master links are two fundamentally different things. If you have heard of other Coin Master Free Spins and free coins via daily new Coin Master Links from other players – yes, they actually exist. But not without possible dangers. If you are looking for this kind of Coin Master Links, you will learn more in our article about Coin Master Free Spins .

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The other type of Coin Master Links is a way to interact with other Coin Master players who are not (yet) in your list of Coin Master friends. As a reminder: You can find this list in Coin Master by selecting “Gifts” from the menu.

This already explains what these Coin Master Links bring you: Coin Master Spins, Coin Master Cards and Coin Master Coins, which you will receive from your Coin Master friends, and Coin Master Free Spins for new registrations through your own Coin Master Links.

Most of the time, you will receive the gifts either in return for corresponding gifts from you to your Coin Master friends or simply by talking to one another and in this way regularly giving each other a present in Coin Master.

Best of all, you do not lose your own Coin Master Spins or Coin Master coins! And you can only give Coin Master cards if you already have them twice.

This is how you use links

If you have Facebook contacts who would like to add friends as a Coin Master, this is done quickly and easily via the menu item “Invite friends”. But if you want to get more out of Coin Master, you need to search for Coin Master Links, meaning: Coin Master players who are not (yet) in your Facebook friends list.

To really understand how to use Coin Master Links, you first need to see how to create your own Coin Master Link (your Coin Master must already be linked to Facebook): Go back to Invite Friends in the menu and choose the point that does NOT lead you to Facebook. In the current version of Coin Master this is the green button.

Your cell phone then asks you which of your installed apps you want to use the Coin Master Link with. For example, choose an e-mail or a notes app. Now you should already see a typed text that also contains a link that looks something like this: (instead of “xxxxx” you will see a personalized code).

This is a Coin Master Link and you can share it with anyone you would like to add as a Coin Master friend to the game (see the warning above), for example, to swap Coin Master cards to get rare Coin Master cards, etc ,

Here you get Coin Master free spins

Probably the best place for Links is the official Coin Master Trading Group on Facebook . There you will find mainly concrete exchange offers for Coin Master Cards, but also occasionally direct Coin Master Links.

The reverse is true for r / CoinMasterGame on Reddit . Ignore the above pinned link to r / CoinMaster, as it leads you to the same discord clicker game that the coin master we’re talking about has nothing to do with it. As already mentioned, the Reddit users use the r / CoinMasterGame actually marked as “unused” (which – to make the confusion perfect – was used earlier for the clicker game and therefore still bears its description).

With Reddit, there are more frequent links to Coin Master pages between the Coin Master Links you are looking for, which you should not click on. What a real Coin Master Link looks like, you know by now. So always look closely before you click on something – this is generally true, so also for the official Coin Master Trading Group on Facebook.

Coin Master Links: These restrictions exist

If you invite one of your friends to Coin Master with your own Coin Master Link because you want to get the Coin Master Free Spins reward for it, you will only get it if that friend has never installed the game on their current device before. In addition, if the same friend is invited by multiple Coin Master players, only the person whose Coin Master Link he has used gets the reward.

If strangers use your Coin Master links, which are published on Reddit, for example, you will receive a message in Coin Master and the Coin Master Free Spins (if they successfully sign up, etc.). In your Coin Master friend list, however, they only appear in the current Coin Master version if you link up with those in Facebook (see warning above). Card exchange and gifts are only then possible.

There’s also an upper limit on Coin Master Spins, which you can get as rewards for invitations: 250 Coin Master Spins is over. If you bring someone to Coin Master after that, you will not get Coin Master Free Spins anymore. There is also an upper limit for the maximum number of friends in Coin Master: 151 (as of October 2019).

If you want to remove someone from your Coin Master friend list, you can only do so by deleting it as a Facebook contact. You have to do this directly on Facebook – in the game itself is currently not possible. Did you remove the corresponding Facebook contact, he should also disappear in Coin Master.

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