coin master tips and tricks

coin master tips and tricks

Coin master tips and tricks are not easy to find out. Coin Master does not like to be outsmarted. But we know how – and show it to you!

The further you get in Coin Master, the harder it will be to build your current Coin Master village without it being destroyed by others again. And while you laboriously save to pay for the repairs, you’re robbed too. It’s high time for some Coin Master tricks to make your life in the village a lot easier.

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But first, as always, when it comes to Coin Master, a warning: Coin Master is based at least partially on gambling and therefore we do not believe in children’s hands. Also, you should stay away from Coin Master, if you are generally prone to gambling mechanics (for example, if you spend more money than you actually wanted, etc.). The best “Coin Master Trick” for you is then rather: Stay away from Coin Master! All others can read on below.

Coin Master Tips for Coin Master Raids

Let’s get started with the most tricky of all Coin Master tricks: If you make a raid in Coin Master and have already found two holes with coins, there’s (of course) a fifty percent chance of finding the right one for the remaining two holes. Unless you use the two-finger trick.

You have to tap on both holes with two fingers at the same time and stay on it for about a second. Then you raise both fingers (again at the same time!) Away from the phone screen. If you succeed precisely, the game will automatically select the hole under which the coins are hidden. As I said, this is one of the trickiest coin master tricks – but it’s worth practicing!

Coin Master Tricks for Coin Master Cards

One of the simpler Coin Master tricks needs only good friends: Usually you can give away a maximum of five Coin Master cards per day. If you want to send more on the same day, all you have to do is set your phone’s date settings to 24 hours. If you have good friends, they will do the same and will give you plenty of Coin Master cards in no time thanks to this Coin Master Trick.

By the way: You can not accept some Coin Master cards until you have reached a certain “level” (ie a certain village), such as: Village 50, village 100, etc. You can see how far you are right now by selecting “Card” in the Coin Master menu. If you are presented with a Coin Master card that you can not yet accept, it is (temporarily) locked in the menu item “Gifts” – “Cards” until you have reached the required village level.

A good Coin Master trick for very rare Coin Master cards is also to go to the official Coin Master Facebook group. Players often give away rare coin master cards there. The real trick for you is that this rare card will now automatically appear more often in your game in chests as the game registers its existence in your deck. Ie. you can use it as a valuable exchange object for more rare Coin Master cards!

Coin Master Pets

Especially “easy” is this coin master trick to the end, because you have to do this very little. Surely you know the situation: You have fed one of your Coin Master Pets (the Coin Master animals or pets) and now it is active. But after a while you’re done playing Coin Master. What are you doing now with the Coin Master Pet?

If this is not exactly Rhino, which is useful even in your absence, you are wasting valuable time. The timer of your Coin Master Pets continues to run mercilessly – whether you’re playing or not. Thanks to this coin master trick you can stop the timer.

Just choose another, just inactive Coin Master Pet. At that moment, the pet timer is stopped, but the associated Coin Master Pet remains active. Attention: We assume that this Coin Master Tips is a temporary bug that will probably be fixed soon. If the trick with you should not work anymore, the Coin Master developers were unfortunately faster. But do not worry, the next Coin Master Tips and Tricks will be found soon!

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